Monday, August 06, 2007

I Love Shopping in SM Mall of Asia



IMG_2842 IMG_2843

What was my point again? Oh yes... there were LOTS of SALES!!!!

They should start one shoppingNsales concept in Manila too! :)

Thot it was quite unique that HUMANs were for Sale in Manila

And that after flying so many thousands of miles, Marks & Spencer uses the same

"SALE" concept as Malaysia. Mannequins wearing "Sale" Tee Shirts.

IMG_2845 IMG_2844

Did I already mentioned that Manila is on SALE?

Hahaha .... lots of great stuff found in Manila.


To be honest all the stuff bought was for dear Nathanael and Zoe Joy.

Missed them so much ... the baju lah was cheap... cos was hunting for those 50% off,

70% Disounts .... and there were quite a couple!! :)


Hmmm... something tha Malaysia don't have anymore.

Pringles Barbeque Flavour.

Really wan!! If u go to a mall in Malaysia, you will only

find a BBQ Mesquite which taste horrible!!


IMG_2833 IMG_2835

Manila's infamouse Preserved Mangoes was a STEAL at SM Department Store.

They have one section called SNACK Exchange which allows u to get all their

goodies and yummy snacks. :)


IMG_2827 IMG_2829

Bought a Bag Tag each for Nathanael and Zoe Joy. I just loved the

concept that you can put any design and name to it.

Makes it all personalized! And all kids nowadays have their own bags!

This is really such a great idea.

Watch the VIDEO of Nathanael's Tag Bag

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~ HöOVéRBélL a.k.a BéCKz ~ said...

Wow! Very nice bagtag... really good idea.... i like Nat's tag with the Mickey Mouse on it... :p

dareNtiff said...

Yeah... i think its a really good idea too! Hopefully someone willl start one in KL!! :) Sure a BIG HIT!!

Can u imagine how much cooler if u have other pics apart from Disney Characters. :) So coooooL!

Anonymous said...

how come when Kit went to Manila he didn't buy anything cool back like ya? Can u give him some lessons???

dareNtiff said...

:) hahaha okies i promise to train KIT to open his eyes when going shopping for the kids!!! :)

Lots of cool stuff avail!! :)

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