Wednesday, May 23, 2007

5 Reasons why Adverlets Rule!

Have been using a couple of Blog Advertisements for now. And the two that really rocks for us is Google AdSense (needless to say) and Advertlets.

Not being biased or anything, but simply just based on their Pay Out on our Blogs, we are very happy with these two.

We started off with Adverlets only in March, and we saw monetary results in April. Here is why we are suggesting you to choose Advertlets!
  1. The Money is good. We just cashed out today ... Thank You Advertlet$!!!
  2. Advertlets will have ads featured on ALL Malaysian Advertlets regardless of size of traffic to their Blog! Woo Hoo!
  3. Advertlets help tracks the demographic breakdown of your visitors (those that take the poll of course). This really helps u to understand who your readers are. Cos not all readers leaves a comment ... Demographic breakdowns includes: Gender, Age, Profession, Own a Blog? - interesting!!
  4. Advertlets is implementing a Referral System ... still on beta now.
  5. Josh is pretty funny and innovative. Sign up and keep abreast with the evolvement of Advertlets, they have done some good stuff since the start. So you can expect more great stuff from Advertlets. Here's a funnie one.

The above Reasons are valid and experienced by us.
Nope.. Josh is not holding a gun to our head as we type this!
We just wanted to share this with all new bloggers.
If u have a Blog (s), and still deciding on a good Malaysian Blog Advertiser
Look no further, click here to sign up with Advertlets!

And oh yes, if you've not added Google Ad Sense on your blog ... check them out here.

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Anonymous said...

Cool that you got paid!

There is also as well. They also pay pretty good, give out free prizes too and even booked an entire hall for Pirates 3!

dele said...

Hey Adeline

Agreed that nuffnang has some nifty stuff as well. But i am not sure how it is for you and your blogs. Advertlets have been pretty generous in their pay outs!

So far Nuffnang has only one advert a few weeks ago. And one more coming up pretty soon! Found the traffic slow in comparison to Advertlets!

But appreciate their Community Movie thingy. Will be there for Pirates3!!