Friday, April 06, 2007

Our First RM50 from Advertlets!! Woo Hoo!!

Amazing!!! Logged on to today and guess what we discovered when we clicked on the Dashboard?

Woo hoo!! RM50 was credited into my balance. And this RM50 was given because we did a review on Advertlets on my blog! :) Wonderful isn't it!!! More info? Click here

In case you have not heard, Advertlets is a Malaysian owned and runned Advertising Company for Malaysian Bloggers and Malaysian Websites. Its pretty much like the Google Adsense for Malaysia. They have some pretty nifty setup for their ads, cos of their in-built Survey thingy on Advertlets. If u want more info .. go check them out lah...

And to show that its for REAL!! .. Check out our Dashboard Screenshot here.

MalaysiaHotelNews - Click For a Bigger View

And errr yes... We're still figuring out where did that ONE cent came from? Anyone out there have a clue? :) hehe

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha... everyone signs up will be given RM0.01 rather than letting you start up with zero hehehe :P

dele said...

"Yeow Mo"? Are u sure or not? Aiyah.. give at least RM1 mah. :)

Anyway ... let's see if we will find out what the RM0.01 is for. :)