Friday, April 13, 2007

Shopping for Wireless Router (wifi) at PC Fair

We went shopping today during lunch! Glad that PC Fair is just next door at the KL Convention Centre. Amazing PC Fair seems to grow bigger and bigger each time we go.

This time they have an additional Hall to house all the "Big Brand Names" - Sony, Dell, Canon and the lot. So as usual its like a mini Disney Land where u have to walk to ONE hall, pass it, go to another Hall (which housed the Secondary Brands) before taking the Escalators down to the Ground Floor to the "real" PC Fair.

Was pretty glad that at the First Booth we stopped, we found a really affordable Wireless Router. I was told to be prepared to pay RM200+ for a decent wireless router. (I am hoping that TM Net would be nice to me and give me a Free Modem when i sign up for the Streamyx Basic 1M.

Anyway .... Booth 248 ran by E-Life Technology were selling Wireless Routers.

Found this ADSL Wireless Router from a German Company called Level One.

Have you heard of them? Apparently Warranty for Life, with a ONE to ONE Exchange. (which is apparently attainable from E-Life Technology)

The Model is WBR-3408

802.11g Wireless Broadband Router with QoS


- High-Speed Wireless Networking
- Ideal Solution for Internet Access Sharing
- Web-based Configuration and Management
- Advanced QoS with Bandwidth Control
- WEP 64 /128 bit and WPA/WPA2/PSK Wireless Security

They were having a PROMOTION (of course lah, otherwise why go PC Fair rite?). Usual price was RM166, they cut it to RM158.

Then at PC Fair, further reduction to RM150. Then got RM10 Rebate some more. So total price only RM140!!

In addition they will be giving a FREE Antenna which normally cost RM30. :)

Level One Wireless Router WBR-3408

So it was a GOOD FIND lor at PC Fair.
Only RM140 for a Wireless Router!! :)

Visit Level One Website

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