Thursday, April 12, 2007

WOO HOO! Received another Present in Our Mail!!!

Hmm dunno to Smile or to be Sad!!!

This week, we received a notice from Pos Laju to collect "an item" from the Pos Laju Office.

This of course brought a smile. Did we win something again?

So that nite, after work, decided to go pay Mr Laju a visit. It was raining, and it was not our normal Malaysian drizzle, but it was pouring cats and dogs, but we will brave through the storm to go check out what special thing that has been sent in the mail this time.
[Don't you wish the Pos Laju slip gives a Clue to what's in the package, so that you don't need to keep guessing if its a Pot of Gold or just a notice from the Bank!]

So after collecting the Pos Laju item, walked back decently to the car, entered the car, locked it (never know nowadays), started the car engine, turned the aircond up, switched on the aircond .....

And started Ripping apart the plastic Pos Laju cover ....

Guess what? HAPPINESS!!!

We received a free HSBC Traveler's Phone Charger (for a recent sign up promo with HSBC recently). SO COOOL!

This is a Close Up Shot of our Portable Phone Charger. Tks HSBC!
It comes with a AA Sized Battery Pack, and a Multiple Connector to several phone type.

Well, the next morning, after bringing home our HSBC Gift, i started scrutinizing it. Hmm, how will it work, if i plug here, or plug there. Both of us at home owns a Sony Ericsson phone (SE RULES!!!)

Guess what?????? SIGH!!!

The wonderful gift from HSBC, the Portable Phone Charger, does not (I repeat DOES NOT) have a connection for Sony Ericsson phones!!! ARRRGHHH!

Anybody wanna buy from us... cheap cheap! :) Comes with a HSBC Logo Cover Case! :) hehe

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