Monday, April 09, 2007

Lurve them .. Mc Donald's Hot Cakes

This ain't a Sponsored Post! I repeat .. THIS AINT ONE OF THEM SPONSORED post!

If u have not gotten a chance to try the Mc Donald's Hot Cakes. U must go get one NOW!!

Our first experience eating one of these Hot Cakes (us Malaysians call them pancakes lah!), was in Singapore about a year ago. It was superlicious and yummylicious.

We were like .. why lah ... Mc D's in Malaysia not bringing it in wan?

A week ago.. we were BLEST, when Tiff's cousin surprised us one morning. She called Tiff and said, aiyah I'm at Mc Donald's now .. gonna "ta pau" something for you. I was like oooh ... Big Macs in the morning sounds good! :)

But guess what? When she arrived .. she had this delightful box filled with the Yummiest of them all .. Mc Donald's Hot Cakes! HAPPINESS! :)

Apparently u can't get them everywhere yet ... but we can attest to you that its Available at the Mc Donald's at CentrePoint (Bandar Utama). So take a detour lah and go get some HOT CAKES!!

In case u are wondering how they look like, we love 'em so much .. we took a picture of the signboard (sure sign of addiction) .. u can see it below! :)

We're Lovin' It!

p/s and as the sign says ... its not just available for Breakfast .. its All Day and All Night!

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