Monday, April 16, 2007

Got a D-Link Model Wireless Router for only RM169 at PC Fair

After much much walking around, talking to peeps and figuring out what's the best deal. We finally decided to go with the D-Link rather thatn Level One!

We were told the set up for Level One was a bit wee more complicated cos there's so much customization that you can do.

So since we are SIMPLE PEOPLE ... :) we decided to go with the simpler one. :)

At PC Fair we got this great deal to sign up for Streamyx and also get a D-Link Router for only RM169. Glad we waited to Sunday, cos on Friday it was RM199! :)
(Think of all the Maggie Mee Gorengs i Saved!)

DI-524 > High Speed 2.4GHz (802.11g) Wireless Router

• Up to 54Mbps
• Advanced Firewall & Parental Control
• Quick and Easy Setup [We like this!!!]
• 802.11g Standard, 802.11b Compatible

AND THEN!!! the other great thing about this package was that we were also given the FREE WebHosting and Free Domain Name for a year. (i guess it was all packaged inside la)

Its via Emerge Webhosting and they are offering one Free Domain name and Free 1GB for a year as well! Guess this free domain and space would be useful huh?

So all in all .. we think we have some pretty good deals from our PC Fair.

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Jason Lioh said...

I bought the same router for RM155. Its nice to use however mine is having a little problem. It won't auto connect when you first start the router and PC. After you run the wizard, it will connect and works like a charm. But after you switch off your PC and router, it won't auto connect again until you run the wizard again and it works like a charm again until you switch off your router and PC.


Am still troubleshooting it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said... only I hear about these things regarding webhosting......thanks....keep it up....