Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hungry Swedish Crockcoach at Ikea Restaurant

Ewwwwwww! Yups that's how I felt when i discovered the new novelty Swedish Speciality at the Ikea Restaurant last Sunday!!

It was a Swedish Crockcoach!! :)

Was lining up for some nice authenthic Swedish Meatballs, when who decided to join me at the Ikea Restaurant queue, but one quite little "Siew Keong" aka Crockcoach!

I immediately pulled the Tray away!!!

Mebbe they love Swedish Meatballs too! :)

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Hinching said...

Not a Swedish cockroach but a Malaysian 'Siu Keon' with a taste for Swedish food like the others lining up in the queue.

That said, totally unrelated, I had minced IKEA swedish meatballs in fried rice last night. Haha.

NickTay said...

be careful later IKEA sue you for sedition...hehe

dele said...

Hmmm... but why would they sue me? Its what i found when i was at Ikea, mah!

Not made up, not fabricated, not photoshopped. Just the real facts!

I guess they just have to spruce up their cleaning & sanitation schedule and maintenance to prevent "Siew Keongs" from emerging! :)

They should be glad that their customers are reporting it! (mebbe not online.. but i am sure they are glad we're reporting it!!!)