Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Day 2 : Morning Visit to St Paul's Ruins & Senado Square

It is so irritating that there is no free wireless connection in Macau. Or none that I could find that is.

Lim brought me out walking in the early morning of our second day. Promised me a great local breakfast if I followed him out.

We passed the Mc Donald's in Macau .. but he said .. nope this is not it!!

And off we went ...... in search of this awesome breakfast trip at seven in the morning. And guess what he bought .... MAN THOU! (or Pau)

Reached this square in Macau called the “Pan Sui Chi” … which in direct translation means Fountain Pond! [Senado Square]

Anyway … we saw the Oldest Post Office in Macau .. which dates back to more than a hundred years old. Curiously the superstructure stood the test of time and its still standing strong in the square.

Apparently the above alley is very famous for HK actors and actresses when they do filming. But no such recollection of this alley. Rings a Bell anyone?

There was also an exhibition of the Beijing Olympics 2008, which really had interesting symbolic models of the forth coming Olympics. [Click on the Link, cos tons of Photos]

Lim took me on a wild goose chase. We were suppose to go to the St Paul’s ruins. But after walking like 20 minutes and all UPHILL!! (Mind you the uphill was like 60 degrees gradient) with uneven foot steps, which made the journey even tougher.

Lim kept saying, yeah this way, lets follow the students (tons of school children walking to school) as he remembered a school next to the St Paul Ruins. Believe it or not, we took the wrong turn and ended up at the Macau Fortress. Which was like 100 feet higher than the St Paul’s ruins.

I was complaining non stop (due to the high gradient of steps) and the wrong turn, but Lim just said .. check out the view …. Isn’t it gorgeous?

When you look thru the eyes of the Telescope ...

Well the air was cold … it should have been at least 13 degrees Celsius, and we were on top of a hill. Nevertheless the view was breathtaking as you could see the whole of Macau from atop the Fortress.

It was also at the Fortress, where we found the mistake of the wrong turn. So Lim said … “See you can see the St Paul’s ruin from another angle!”
“Apa-lah!!!” Was my retort!

The above picture is the infamous St Paul's Ruins of Macau.

That's the place we were supposedly to be walking to!!!!

See a Canon... yes .. confirm its a Fortress!!

Hmm from the top of the Fortress, i saw this guy

doing exercise balancing on a Wired Fence.

Wow!!! .. talk about good stomach muscles!

We passed the Macau Museum ... and then

Finally, after checking out the entire Fortress, we journeyed to the ruins,

Took a couple of pics like a typical tourist.

And then finally made our way to the Wong Chi Kei Noodle shop. We had great won ton noodle (mine dry, Lim’s soup based) and it was sumptuous. The founder of Wong Chi Kei learnt the skills of making noodles from the Hua-Yuan master in the 1940s in Canton.

So if you guys ever make it to Macau, go to the Senado Square
be sure to look for Wong Chi Kei Noodle Shop!!!!

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