Saturday, February 10, 2007

Unique Plant Species at Rimba Ilmu

We had a Fun day today planting trees in a forest reserve in Universiti Malaya, called Rimba Ilmu.

Check out some of these super coool looking flower species caught on my Canon Power Shot.


Here are some really rare samples of plants and trees and flowers found at Rimba Ilmu and the Conservatory. The Rafflesasia (left) really looks cool huh? (and yes it was Sir Stamford Raffles who founded this largest Flower in the world in KK, Sabah)

(oh yes.. then we had one of our team members that quipped up .. oh yes Sir Stamford Raffles was the guy who founded Penang too rite? :) hehehehhhe .... and apparently she came from Penang! Aiyoh-nya!)


Above is a special Orchid species, if you look at the base of the flower, you will see that it is shaped like a ladies shoe/sandal. Coooool huh!!

[The above was taken using the Macro function ... i like the Blurred Background effect]

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