Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Day 2 : Toured the Wynn, Macau

We had the opportunity to make a house tour (or hotel tour) of the newest hotel in Macau.

Wynn Macau! It was a gorgeous property, with loads of American Culture fused with the Macau / Chinese ways of things. Check out our House Tour of Wynn Macau!!!

This is the infamous musical fountain right in front of the Lobby.
It plays every 15 minutes, and the fountain & lights dance according to
melodious music that's being played.
[There are two Videos at the bottom of this post - scroll down to watch]

Rather unique, when you enter into the Wynn Macau's Lobby,
you will overlook into the Pool area.

And I guess with CNY coming up, they have nice red lanterns up on the decor.
Uniquely ... there's two camels standing on the water piece.
Hmm ... why camels? (Feng Shui?)

This is their beautiful lobby. (esp if you love red)
The chandelier is TOTALLY HOT RED!
Yups... not coloration done on the photography.
[L ro R] Jess, Lim, Anne, Cindy, Teh, me ]

And now we begin our House Tour of the Wynn Macau.
We were told that Wynn Macau has over 600+ rooms, and
its only like One Tenth of the Wynn in Las Vegas!!

Join us as we toured a Deluxe Room and some Suites

This is their typical Deluxe room. Its about 56 sq metres.
Nice room with twin beds, spacious bedroom and bathroom.

This was the "radio" provided in the room.
Sure tops all the "radio" in the hotel rooms in Malaysia!!!!

This is the Deluxe Room Console.
It has a Clock with Alarm
and the ability to electronically control the sheer curtains, the drapes
and the lights in the room.
[If u think this is cool, wait till u see the Console in the Suite!]

I simply like the Glass Cube where the Lamp sits on.
So so different!

I like the fact that the Electronic Safe (they are using elsafe)
is embeded into the wall of the wardrobe.
Saves a lot of space and makes it looks real neat!
[Shows that they give thought in the designing of their wardrobes!]

I just simply LOVE the Door.
Its so so HUGE!! Its gigantic. Its like an XXL American Size
I'm already over six foot, and the door towers above me.

Do you like the hotel room corridor?
Sure is nice, well lit and creates a nice environment.

This is the sofa seating in the 1-Bedroom Suite.
U seem to see a same trend .. 'bright RED' colors all over the hotel!

Couldn't resist taking a shot of this cool Nakamichi Player in the Suite.

Interestingly enough, their ceilings in the main hall
are covered with Mirrors.

This is the Bedroom of the 2-Bedroom Suite.
Nice room, and you can see two walkways on the Left and Right.
Its made for privacy of a His / Her bathroom on the Left and Right.
And when you walk to the end of the bathroom, you can meet in the Shower.

This is one side of the Bathroom.
Cool bathtub isn't it?

Here's a closer look .. yup .. its equipped with jacuzzi!!

Just like this gold plated sink in the bathroom! :)

This is the Main Hall of the 2-Bedroom Suite.
Check out the LCD TV .. its 62 inches wide! Awesome!!
Do you like the decor .... pumpkin based lampstands!?!

This is the Suite Console I was telling u about earlier.
Isn't it super cool. Touch Screen!!
In English & Chinese Language! How SUPER!

Finally the last shot of the Bedroom.
I simply love the fact that the LCD TV can be
activated automatically, and it just SLIDES Up at the edge of the Bed!
Superly Awesome!! :)

The Musical Fountain at Wynn Macau

Scroll Down to watch it on Video!!!

The Musical Fountain is just Spectacular!!

Whooooosh...the fountain shoots up at the End.

Posing ... after the Musical Fountain show at Wynn Macau.

Wynn Macau's Musical Fountain 1
View the Video Below or click here

Wynn Macau's Musical Fountain 2
View the Video Below or click here

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