Monday, February 12, 2007

DAY 1 : Journey to Macau

This is the SECOND MOST longest journey I’ve taken in my life!!!

I woke up at 5.15am. Waited for the car ride which also picked up Cindy and then Anne. We reached KLIA at about 6.15am in the morning. We checked in at the counter of China Airlines. Got a shock of my life when I found out that we were on a 3 hours 20 minutes flight on a Boeing 737!! I was expecting at least a Boieng 747! Might as well flown with Air Asia rite?

Anyway .. we flew to Hong Kong ….. tried sleeping most of the way.(Hmmm .. have you ever thought how uncomfortable is it for an over 6foot (tall) guy fit into a tiny Boeing 737 seat for three hours without moving?) Well .. anyway .. we survived the journey. And as u can see from the pic .. my frens were sleeping too.

We arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport …. Which was super huge and filled with tons of people. I think it took us more than 20 minutes to clear the immigration. We then had to walk to the Taxi Stand which was like half a kilometer which was at the other end of the super long airport. And we caught two taxis to the China Ferry Terminal.

After arriving at the China Ferry Terminal, we hunted a bit and found a Ferry that would take us to Macau. We ate in my most FAV place .... Mc Donald's!!

Hehehe .. i didn't think this was the fav for the rest, but we had only 20 mins to spare, before the next ferry took off, so i guess a Mc Curry Pork would be the best lah . .since there's no pork in Malaysia!! :) yum yum

Finally after a one hour ride in the Ferry, we arrived at our final destination for the day, MACAU!! Thankfully they had shuttle services, and all six of us made it to Mandarin Oriental, Macau.

The room was decent, we were sharing rooms.
I had the pleasure of sharing the room with Lim .. our IT Manager.

Here a quick view of the room before we messed it up! :)

At the Lobby of the Mandarin Oriental Macau, is this grand staircase which decends from the 1st floor of the hotel to central of the lobby area.

Will not bore you guys with our work and stuff. So after all the work and meetings that was done. This is US!! The 6 of us which came one day earlier to meet with the Macau Team.
On the Left : Cindy, Anne, Lim
On the Right : Me, Jess, Ms Teh

We had our first dinner in a Macanese & Portugese joint. Not too bad .. a little pricey
.. but nice experience.

After dinner, it was suggested that we would go grab some coffee to discuss further.
Our tour guide brought us to SANDS.
This is the car entrance to Sands, with lots of lights and long and impressive driveway.

Unbeknown to me, Sands was not really a hotel but a full fledge Casino!!
We entered, made our way to the third floor, where we sipped Cappucino, Coffee and i ordered my Teh Ais, sat and looked at the almost full casino on a Wednesday nite.
We also noticed that nearly every table in the Casino was packed with tons and tons and tons of Chinese. I guess the gaming sector is the no.1 contributor in Macau. There were just heaps of gamblers practically giving their money to Macau's economy.
So that was the first DAY of our trip to Macau. Long, tiring ... and slept really early.
(realized that if u are not into gambling, there's nothing else that Macau offers)

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