Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Day 2 : 2008 Olympics Symbol in Senado Square, Macau

The Beijing Olympics 2008 are around the corner. And we had a pleasant surprise when we were at the Senado Square in Macau. I trust one of their promotional efforts was to feature the following Olympic Symbols for China.

Since I don't read Chinese, I wasn't sure if this was a competition on who will design and create the best Olympic Symbol for Beijing Olympics 2008.

Check it out .. i am sure you will be facsinated like me.

This was a Banner introducing this Exhibition.

As you can see there were many many Olympic Symbols.
I only picked those that i liked!! Hope u like the ones i picked.

The exhibition was out in the open at Senado Square.
And the Exhibits were in twos .. and it went on for quite a bit!

I like this Olympic Symbol, the chrome setting
surrounding the man with the Olympics symbol on top.

This was really unique too. Chrome figurines running thru a boxed frame.

Here's another view of it from the Front. Cool huh?

This was kinda weird. All the people's heads stuck together!
Hmm .. a Ball of Head?
Ball of People?
People with Same Mind Stick Together?
(as in Birds of the Feather Stick Together)

This was super unique. You couldn't see the figurine's face.
His back was to you, and he was looking into a concave mirror.

As you can see i had to be creative to take this shot! :)

Umm .. this was a team of Basket ball players
dunking the basket ball into the Hoop.
Strangely they were stacked on top of each other!

Umm .. as u can see i like Chrome.
But have no clue what these are!!
The Sydney Opera House ? hmm ...

Okies... a man flying off a horse with a Mc D's background.
Yup...the Mc D's background is focus of attention :)

I like this shot .. this super thin figurine
.......... Running ........

This is just CUTE!!

I couldn't remember why i took this shot.
Guess it was uniquely different from the rest!

This was quite spooky.
Three Men, in dark gowns doing a kung fu stance!!

I like this .. a guy and girl holding up the Olympics Rings!!

Two ladies Kung Fu-ing around a round base.

As i said, I hope u enjoyed the Olympic Symbols i chose from the Senado Square. :)

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Unknown said...

VERY VERY cool pictures you got there!!! Bravo! ***Sigh*** I wished I had pictures like that for my blog... :D

Cheers mate!

The Olympic Blogger

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