Thursday, November 23, 2006

Our Warehouse Sales Blog hit the 20,000 mark!!

Awesome news! We are so so so glad that our shoppingNsales blog have really been doing so good in terms of number of hits. Sales, shopping, warehouse sales, promotion stuff must be one of the other Malaysian's favourite past time apart from food!!

Today we hit Two Milestones for shoppingNsales.

  • 1,322 hits! Woo hoo! We had the highest number of hits on one single day - (7.50pm)

  • 20,068 hits! Woo hoo! We just hit the 20,000 mark!

We guess for many of you, the numbers are not really that outstanding, as many blogs are in the hundreds of thousands. But for us as new bloggers (only attempted to blog in July 2006), these are great milestones for us!

We only started shoppingNsales in September 2006, and to have more than 20,000 hits in just less than three months is a great feat (from our perspective that is) :).

The numbers also show that people are enjoying the information attained at the Blog (we are hoping) and that the sales and warehouse sales info are useful to the mass. We guess everyone just wants a good deal .... :) Malaysians lor ... we always wants the best at the most affordable prices.

Woooooo hoooooo .... :) We just feel good. Anyway ... there's still so much to learn about the blogging sphere, and if you guys have any good ideas do share with us on how we can improve it further ... please let us know.

Help keep our Numbers growing .... Visit shoppingNsales :)

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Anonymous said...

nice... rock on! i've lost track of my visitors :)

Anonymous said...

phew! terror!!

do you get paid by all the advertisements you put up there?