Thursday, November 30, 2006

Copper Wires, Cables Stolen from Hotel

So its not only in Malaysia where Copper Cables are being stolen. This news article below talks about an incident where copper wires and cable are stolen from a hotel in Dayton (Ohio, USA).

Amazing!! If copper is so in demand these days, perhaps i should strip all my AV cables in the house (and mind u we have a lot .... lot of AV cables ... one big box full) and ball it up and sell it to someone!! he he ...

Dayton detectives are searching for suspects who broke into the soon-to-be demolished Admiral Benbow Hotel and stole an undetermined amount of copper electrical wires and Dayton Power & Light Co. cables.

Members of the Dayton police burglary squad received a call about the break-in about 2 p.m. Wednesday, Detective Jamie Bullens said. Dayton Power & Light employees were making an inspection and checking to see if the vault was secure when they noticed the break-in.
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