Monday, November 20, 2006

Awesome Tips for Beta Blogger

Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to Peter from Blogger Tips and Tricks.
He's got some awesome cool tips for helping new users with Beta Blogger.

So far I've been using Beta Blogger for 1 1/2 months and the good and have discovered some good and bad stuff about it.

  • Labels - works like Tags in Wordpress
  • Archiving by Month is pretty cool, and much easier to find stuff (easier to open by month)


  • Google Search doesn't work on Beta Blogger : Fix it here
  • Can't Add Page Elements to Header & Body of Text to Beta Blogger : Fix it here [Add More Page Elements to your Header and Body so that you can include Ad Sense]
  • The built in Ad Sense doesn't support your own Categories. So you have to fix it yourself by adding your own code. Set it up well so that it will help you make money for your Blog.

  • How to add an Excel Spreadsheet in your Beta Blogger : Find out here
  • How to add a Moveable / Scrolling Text in your Beta Blogger : Find out here

Hope u found the stuff useful! By the way .. Peter is a Malaysian too! :) awesome dude!

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Admin said...

any idea how to insert adsense into the post body? I can only put it in the sidebar where it is the least effective.

dele said...

Dear Ah Pek

Its a TWO STEP approach.

1) You need to go to your Template and manually increase the PAGE ELEMENTS (default is 1).
How to do it? Visit the Link

2) Once you have Added the PAGE ELEMENTS, you can then Insert Ad Sense Code, Pictures .. HTML anything else you want.

Hope the above helps