Friday, December 01, 2006

Why would anyone wanna kill a baby?

This is so so sick! Why would anyone wanna kill a baby?

Worst yet, why make it so dramatic and terribbly sick by throwing it down a flat, just like how people would throw rubbish out a window. This is just so sad!

Sad to see these sort of things happening in this day and age, where most people are educated and would respect LIFE! Sad to see it happening in our city, Cheras ... mind u... not some ulu town somewhere where its unheard of.

Sigh! There's More to LIFE than this and I pray that the person responsible would embrace it.

Baby Thrown Down From Flat

KUALA LUMPUR: The newborn baby may have been still alive when it was placed in a rotting mess of kitchen refuse and hurled down an apartment block in Jalan Pudu Ulu, Cheras, yesterday.
When a sweeper found the infant with its umbilical cord still attached at 7.15am, it had been dead for two to three hours.The back of the baby’s head had been crushed, most probably from the impact of the fall.

Police are trying to determine the unit from which the baby was thrown.
A Cheras police spokesman said although the baby was fair-skinned, its race had not been determined.
Roshayati Tambi Ahmad, 44, stumbled upon the garbage bag as she was cleaning the area around Block B."I noticed a stench from a garbage bag on the ground and found it filled with chicken and fish parts. As I picked it up, the body slipped through a hole at the bottom of the bag," she said.She alerted the management office, which called in the police.
The body was sent to the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Hospital for a post- mortem.


Anfield Faithful said...

There r ppl out there who r yearning to have a baby but they can't! This one kills a baby she got!

If she didn't want the baby, she shudn't have f##ked at the first place! I swear I'll stone her to death if I knew her whereabouts!

Life's too precious to be treated like a whore!

She's Jess said...

this is so saddening.. man.. human can be so inhuman at times