Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Our First Google Ad Sense Check!

Woo Hoo!! After attempting to start our very first Blog in June 2006, we are very happy to see that we've added a couple more Blogs to our list.

We have SNS, MHN, NU, DT, dareNtiff and of course this blog!!

If we were to break down the Blog by category. ... we guess this would be the best way to explain the six blogs that own.

:: dareNtiff : Our Family Blog ::
:: shoppingNsales : Sales - Warehouse Sales - Sales and Sales ::
:: MHN : Malaysia Hotel News ::
:: NU : Unusual - Weird - Bizarre ::
:: DT : Church Stuff - Work Stuff ::
:: delephant : Random Stuff - Fun Stuff ::

Well after playing around with Blogs and the concept of Blogs, we were introduced to Google Adsense. We tested out Google Adsense in end September, and only started using it starting October 2006. It was pretty weird then, cos Blogger was going thru a revamp from Blogger to New Blogger Beta. But we stuck with it .. and just carried on.

Now after Four Months ... we are pretty glad to see that we have received our very first check from Google. :) YAY!!!

New Problem

Err .... since its only a small sum of USD100 .. .anyone has any suggestions how do we bank it? Or any experience ones out there who can gives some tips on which local bank in Malaysia has the lowest service charges or how do we go about it ? .. .. .. .etc

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Unknown said...

Check out best malaysia bank to bank in adsense cheque, it has the information about local bank charges.

dele said...

Tks LCF for the link.

Hmmm .... Finally out of convenience, decided to bank the cheque in Maybank.

They are charging
- 0.1% Commission or a minimum of RM25
- Stamp Duty of 15 cents

Duration mentioned was about 4 weeks!

Let's see what happens!