Thursday, May 17, 2007

American Idol ...... 2 More Contestants Left .. Guess Who Was Kicked Out?

Aiyoh .. i am so so so so sad that Melinda Dolittle was kicked out from American Idol. After last nite's performance, I was so sure she will stay on to the end!!!

Again America choose to befuddle us with the way they vote and decide on things. So sad lah .. she has the best voice of the three, but she got voted out!!

So who will be the next American Idol? Perhpas Blake with his Beat Boxing lah. But then again who knows how American thinks and vote!!

In this photo made available by Fox Television, Melinda Doolittle performs Tuesday, May 15, 2007 on the set of 'American Idol' in Los Angeles. Most observers thought she was a lock to go on to the 'American Idol' finale, but Doolittle was eliminated Wednesday night, May 16, 2007. (AP Photo/Fox Television, Michael Becker)

Most observers thought she was a lock to go on to the "American Idol" finale, but Melinda Doolittle was eliminated Wednesday night.
The result was a real surprise, considering Doolittle — hands down the best singer there — had the blessing of Simon Cowell. Her departure clears the way for a final showdown between Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis.

"Congratulations to you two. My commiserations, Melinda, 'cause you are one heck of a singer," said a glum Cowell, who covered his face with his hands upon hearing the news.

The acerbic judge had always made clear his affection for the 29-year-old backup singer-turned-diva from Brentwood, Tenn., who delivered knockout performances week after week.

Doolittle, who never hit a bad note during her "Idol" run, seemed resigned to her fate. She belted "I'm A Woman" before leaving the stage.

It's tough to predict who'll win next week's finale. Sparks, 17, of Glendale, Ariz., rose from the bottom ranks to gain much momentum in later weeks, and few would deny her broad appeal to viewers of all ages. The bubbly beauty has charisma for miles — a true American idol, her fans argue.

But the 25-year-old Lewis, who hails from Bothell, Wash., has tricks up his sleeve. As this year's hippest contender, the stylish beatboxer has wooed fans by taking risks with song arrangements and infusing even stale pop songs with contemporary flair.

He had a big "Idol" moment weeks ago when he mixed up Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name" to add fresh beats — a move that secured him a spot in the final four. Even Cowell loved it.

Wednesday's show also featured performances by the band Maroon 5 and former contestant Elliott Yamin, who came in third last year.

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Gallivanter said...

Sorry, but I think this season's American Idol is appalling. None of them are worthy. Might as well give it to Paula Abdul. :-P

SassySaucySpicy said...

After last nights show and Melinda getting booted I will no longer watch American Idol. She was by far the best singer this season. I now truly believe this show is rigged.

dele said...

Yes Gallivanter, this year's AI doesn't seem to show case the same talents like before. BUT ......

I do like the young spirited Jordin and the beat box Blake!! :)

And Dear sassysaucyspicy (err interesting name) ... i dont think 60 millions vote can be rigged. I just think that perhaps too many people thot that Melinda would be safe, so they voted for the underdog!! Sigh......!! Yes she by far the best "singer"

Anonymous said...

Yes i think its rigged,the best is nolonger there AMREICA IS WRONG AGAIN or the show is rigged.

Anonymous said...

I also agree that Melinda is the better singer of the three, but she doesn't have the "star" personality like Jordin and Blake do. Before and after she sings she has that confused look about her and I think that's what turned the voter's off. She is a sweetheart and I'm sure she will do great anyway.