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The Top 10 American Idol Reject

Guess what are the TOP YAHOO Searches for American Idol 6?

You are right .. those who were REJECTED.

Read on . . .

The Joys of Audition

The Joys of Audition

Counter-programming is an age-old and brilliant concept. For example, the utter genius of pitting the Puppy Bowl against the Super Bowl.

The audition episodes of "American Idol" offer their own twist on counter-programming. They pair up the feel-good, diamond-in-the-rough stories along with an ongoing traveling freak show. Searchers pondered "american idol cruel," "american idol mean," and "american idol gone too far," but many more avidly sought out "american idol losers," "american idol bad auditions," and "american idol worst."

The next few weeks will focus on contenders, some who have already made an impression on the Buzz, such as Jordin Sparks (Seattle audition), Sean Michel (NY), Matt Sato (Minneapolis), Jason Sundance Head (Memphis), Chris Sligh (Birmingham), Brandon Rogers (LA), and Baylie Brown (San Antonio).

But, as William Hung has shown, saying good-bye to the bright lights of "Idol" doesn't mean you'll be forgotten forever. He's the indisputable best of the worst and continues to linger in the top 10 "Idol" alumni searches. In that vein, we offer up our Buzz countdown of the people—and animal acts—who could be the next hot "Idol" Reject...

The Top 10 American Idol Reject

  1. Big Red—The enormous and menacing redhead with the fiery shirt did a scary version of "Bohemian Rhapsody."

  2. The Hotness—The nickname of Jennifer Chapton, who wouldn't stop singing, then gave off some mighty heat when Simon gave her the thumbs down.

  3. American Idol Darwin—Darwin "Misha" Reedy gave a new meaning to evolution when the oddly proportioned blonde showed up with her mom, and then sang "Don't Cha." To which the judges said, um, we don't.

  4. Nick Zitzmann—The software engineer from Utah snagged significant airtime for being stiff as a board, and his "Unchained Melody" didn't do the Righteous Brothers right.

  5. American Idol Big Bird—Simon likened the Atlanta woman to the Easter Bunny, but the searchers saw her yellow get-up as "Sesame Street" material.

  6. Ian Benardo—The flamboyant New Yorker recited a version of "Gloria," then told Simon to go back whence he came.

  7. American Idol Cowardly Lion—Trista Giese's homage to Bert Lahr inspired searches for video of "american idol lion girl," "american idol king of the forest," and "trista's lion roar on american idol."

  8. American Idol Panther—Martik Manoukian called himself "eccentric," an understatement considering his snarling performance.

  9. Kenneth Briggs—Also known as "American Idol Bush Baby." Simon callously compared him to a jungle monkey creature with big eyes, prompting zoological inspired spikes on "bush babies" and "lemurs."

  10. Sherman Pore—Also known as "american idol 64 year old," "american idol old man," and "sherman american idol." The man who rose to the top was this sweet gent from the L.A. audition. He petitioned to skirt the age limit to cheer his lady love, who died of cancer before the auditions. Searches spiked for his serenade of "You Belong to Me."

American Idol Video - Check out scenes from 'Idol' in San Antonio

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