Thursday, January 18, 2007

Shopping at MBK, Bangkok

This MBK Shopping Mall was suggested by many as a Must SEE when in Bangkok.
Hmm.... its actually one Sky Train stop after the Siam Paragon. And this is really only like 30 metres walk from Siam Paragon.

The Mall resembles our Sungei Wang back in KL. The shops are very much together. And on the third floor its like Handphone Haven, with shops after shops selling one same type of product - handphones!!

Amazing, this trip i have not bought anyting at all in Bangkok, I tend to see similiar products available in Malaysia. :)

I took this shot, cos i thot it was funny. Bangkok is already celebrating 2007's Christmas when its only the 3rd week of January!! Hmmmm .... someone should change the decor!!

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